It’s been proven with science and shit that expressing gratitude is like a really good thing. When I went to the Dominican Republic for a yoga retreat, I was gifted with a gratitude journal. I took it very seriously in that I wrote something (3 things) every day. I sometimes struggled to find things I was grateful for when I had a tough day. Sitting and reminding myself there were things that gave me joy even when I felt like hell was so important.

Today I’m grateful for technology. It sounds so first world and it is, but I am grateful nonetheless. I haven’t been able to spend quality time with my closest friends because you know COVID. If it wasn’t for Zoom, Marco Polo, and texting, I don’t know when I would ever see or talk to them. I believe we have become even closer through the pandemic and much more grateful for each other. We appreciate our time together so much more. I know I do anyway. Thank you universe, inventors, and the like for making this possible.