I rarely take pictures that turn out any good. I know I shouldn’t judge, but they really are pretty bad. No perspective, no thought, just point and click. I went to Longwood in January and took a picture that I actually thought about, although briefly. This is the picture. I chose this picture for today’s challenge because I cannot get over the light in this picture and the lack of light. This picture felt deep for me. I went to Longwood with a friend, a woman I’m incredibly attracted to, but not really sure how to go about expressing it. While part of me is out in the open and I’ve sort of said something, part of me feels hidden and as if I can’t act on that feeling. I’ve always associated yellow with happiness. This flower reflected my happiness in the moment, but also the hidden joy of spending time with this incredible woman in a place I dearly love, sharing this moment with her. Way too deep for a Monday, but there you have it. Light.